Relaxing on the Lidwala Lodge deck

I sit on the Lidwala Lodge deck with a cold beer in hand watching the late afternoon light on the distant Mdzimba hills. I can’t help thinking that “valley of heaven” (Ezulwini) is a very apt name for this place. I take a deep breath of Jasmin scented air and wriggle my toes. Across by the swimming pool a group of All Out Africa volunteers from Europe who are out here working on community projects are enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation. Next to me a family from Mozambique are playing cards. Phumie (the Lodge Manager) is sharing a story of how different wild plants are used by traditional healers in Eswatini (Swaziland). Some Bholoja music drifts across the relaxed atmosphere and I count my blessings and think of the delicious Swazi dinner we will eat tonight and my morning at the craft centre down the road.