Welcome to my Lidwala Lodge experience

To be honest with you guys I don’t know how to write a blog. I have never blogged before, and I most certainly did not imagine myself blogging anytime soon for the next 5 years. Not to say I am complaining or anything but this is all new to me. Come to think of it, my current job has allowed me the opportunity to start something new and who knows? I might just fall in love with it. I’ll probably tell once I have concluded this blog altogether. Speaking of my job, the sole purpose of this blog is to share my work experience thus far. Below is an introduction of who I am.

Some call me Sweetness, others Gcwalisile and some Beke which is short for Beketele. Tell you what? None of these is wrong as they all belong to me. Now, allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Gcwalisile Sweetness Beketele Magagula. A 21-year-old female who was born in Pigg’s Peak and raised in Ezulwini from the age of 5 years.

Growing up, I was privileged enough to attend the best schools which gave me the platform for so much social interaction amongst so many other kids of different nationalities and religions which in turn helped me build character and such a phenomenal personality. Ahaha so anyway, let me save you my sob story about my lousy past and all. Fast forward to now, I am currently a third-year student at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Mbabane Campus merging in an Associate Degree in Event Management under the Faculty of Media, Broadcasting and Communication.

To say I am truly humbled by having been awarded the opportunity by Lidwala Lodge for giving me a platform to expand and flaunt my God-given wings in making sure that I can express my true potential to the fullest of my capabilities would be such an understatement. After so many failed attempts at trying to secure placement for my internship program, the only thing that really carried me through those trying times was prayer. I prayed my way to work at Lidwala Lodge.


I don’t think I have ever related to Bible scriptures as much as I do now. I came across two scriptures, one of which reads as follows “All good things come to those who wait” and another one that reads “when the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen.” The power of manifestation goes a really long way. I prayed for placement at Lidwala Lodge and having experienced my prayers first-hand has been an absolute blessing. Not to mention my work experience at Lidwala Lodge.

The first day of work is never the easiest more especially because there’s so much to learn and do within a short space of time. But I guess that’s when you actually get to have the slightest feeling of what an actual work experience feels like.

Regardless of how busy everyone was and the number of responsibilities I had to learn, I had one of the most kind-hearted and patient trainer ever. Her name is Zama Tfwala, a very vibrant phenomenal woman. She welcomed me with the utmost respect and care. I honestly do not think I would have asked for a better Welcome.

Not only does it end there. I also was blessed enough to be in the same space as my manager, Phetsile Ntuli. An absolutely extraordinary and remarkable woman. One who is keen on wanting to teach others on important matters and making sure that they do understand. If anything, being at Lidwala Lodge has shown and taught me how important selflessness is. Nothing is as overwhelming and exciting as seeing guests express their gratitude for us having been concerned more with their needs and wishes.

Having to work in an environment with familiar faces has got to be the highlight of my work experience. Lidwala Lodge had an intern before me, her name is Anele Tsabedze. A positively incredible girl. One my age to be exact and the crazy part is she and I attended the same university just different courses. Working with her is so amazing because it makes everything so much easier. She allows me to ask where I do not understand and willingly assists me in making sure that I understand all that is required. Oh! Did I mention she and I have been friends for like 3 years and counting now?

A picture showing Anele Tsabedze
A picture showing Anele Tsabedze

So meet my incredible, amazing, gorgeous colleague and friend, well (sister) Anele Tsabedze. She’s amazing, isn’t she? A whole beauty I tell you!

I cannot believe how much I have to say about this place and its people. I could honestly write a whole book but I don’t want to bore you all with a legit detailed description of every one. But I could never forgive myself if I don’t mention our lodge parents Kim and Robin Roques. An exceptionally magnificent, forever smiling couple. There has never been a point in time where we meet paths and do not have a slight conversation on how I am, my experience so far as well as the environment altogether.

Kim and Robin Roques had a vision of transforming some broken-down shacks, surrounded by rubbish and weeds into an attractive lodge.

The above-inserted image is a mere insight of what one walks towards when entering Lidwala Lodge. Our warm reception area alongside our incredibly gorgeous deck. Just walking in this direction is a breath of fresh air. And we have no doubt that our guests feel the same too because that is exactly how I felt on my first day. An indication that they indeed made the right decision in actually visiting the place, even if it’s for an inquiry.

Lidwala Lodge's patio

Lidwala Lodge’s patioOne thing I have to mention about Mr and Mrs Roques is that when visioning the Lodge being beautiful, they most certainly understood the whole assignment altogether. I mean referring to the above image, they most certainly did the most. Who would have thought that a lodge would have a mini beach paradise? I honestly don’t know how to put this one into words, but whew, guys this place is incredibly breathtaking! Y’all have got to see this and experience this personally. I don’t know why, but it feels like I’m living a fantasy every morning.

Now let us move on to one of the many remaining facilities we have to offer. Our extraordinary beautiful chalets. These have got to be the most amazing rooms I have ever seen. They have a double bed, with free coffee and tea, a refrigerator, bathroom, a smart tv, a balcony as well as a beautiful garden view. Let us not forget our forever flowing natural stream. I have gotten the opportunity to partake in cleaning one of the rooms to have a little bit of practical experience. This one is actually a great experience for me as I now know how and why the rooms are cleaned the way they are. Ahah, well it isn’t our typical bedrooms.

Lidwala Lodge's private chalet with a balcony and beautiful garden view.
Lidwala Lodge’s private chalet with a balcony and beautiful garden view.

A picture of one of our private chalets. With a balcony and beautiful garden view. I could never get tired of this sight.

Lidwala Lodge;s private chalet veranda.
Lidwala Lodge’s private chalet veranda.

A picture of our veranda as well as an incredible view of garden views. Catch a breath of fresh air. Oh! This setting also allows guests the opportunity to have a view of our famous Sheba’s Breast which is Lidwala Lodge’s hiking trail.

Lidwala Lodge's breathtaking streams
Lidwala Lodge’s breathtaking streams

One of the many things I love about Lidwala Lodge has got to be the stream. It brings about this sense of peace and quiet. A place where you can literally let your guard down and listen to the sound of nature. Meditate and communicate deep within yourself. I don’t doubt for a second that Lidwala Lodge will be Africa’s leading lodge.

I wouldn’t mind reliving every day at this tranquil natural place. A home far away from home, I don’t think I can ever imagine myself leaving here. So with that having been said please help us and be part of our story.

Like I said at the beginning of the blog, I might just end up love blogging and I have. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoyed typing it for you. Looking forward to sharing part two of My Lidwala Lodge Experience. I can’t wait!

Internship at Lidwala Lodge – How to Apply

If you are a citizen of Eswatini to apply for an internship at Lidwala Lodge you simply send your application letter and CV to info@lidwala.co.sz and if there are openings they will get back to you. If you are applying from abroad, you need to join All Out Africa who offers a wide range of internships in Eswatini. To do so send your application letter and CV to bookings@alloutafrica.com and they will get back to you.