A tranquil retreat with stunning scenery

I didn’t think I would be accepted, but when I received that phone call I couldn’t believe it. But what is odd or interesting is that I had never set my foot in this place, only seen pictures on their social media and from those pictures, one could tell that it is a beautiful place and of course, they are all about the conservation of the environment.

If I were to be asked to describe this gem in 6 words, it would be “A tranquil retreat with stunning views”,  Lidwala Lodge is cradled beneath the majestic Sheba breast at Ezulwini. The exquisite lodge offers a sophisticated and contemporary ambience. It is a spectacular destination for guests who want a tranquil retreat with stunning scenery. I am Nonsikelelo Nyawo, a student at Limkokwing University undergoing an Associate Degree in International Tourism as a final year student. I still remember the first call I got from Lidwala telling me to come for my first interview, I was so happy, the place was unique and calming to me. The nature of this place is out of this world,  I fell in love with it and before my interview I said a little prayer asking God to lead the way and make sure I was able to do it. I knew I had a problem with confidence, but when I met Anele Tsabedze, she helped me a lot, creating those little conversations to calm me down, offering water and making sure I was relaxed during the interview. The manager Phetsile Ntuli interviewed me, and luckily all the questions asked I was able to answer.

During my second interview, I was very sure that this is where I was going to do my internship and besides, even if I was not accepted for an internship, I would have made time and come for a hike,  All in all, my interviews went well and I was finally called and told that I was accepted.

Internship work at Lidwala Lodge

My first day was a bit scary but all went all after all and many thanks to my supervisor Anele Tsabedze who has been very helpful throughout my internship. I still remember the advice she gave me, she told me to relax and that since it was my first week I am bound to make mistakes and that with time I will get a grasp of it all after that everything was better.

Anele showed me around the lodge, accommodation units, their rates, how to receive phone calls and how to talk to clients. I couldn’t grasp everything on the first day, but I was able to respond to clients over the phone. The accommodation units are so beautiful, to this day I never get enough of them. My favourite chalet has to be room 9, what I love the most about this private chalet is that it has its own balcony with beautiful where one could set up a picnic with her loved one, I love showing it to guests, and I must say ‘guys that room is breathtaking, believe me, it’s love at first sight for everyone who sees it.

Private Chalet Ensuite Room 9 garden views
 Private Chalet Ensuite Room 9 garden views
Private chalet ensuite comfortable queen bed with toilet and shower.
 Private chalet ensuite room 9: Comfortable queen bed with toilet and shower.

Internship Highlights 

Since I have been working here I have learned a lot, my knowledge has expanded, I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and I really love my internship here at Lidwala and the people I work with make sure of that. I am certain that they have played a huge role in my social life.

I will forever be grateful to the lodge owners Kim and Robin Roques for the opportunity they gave me and appreciate how humble they are for having this internship program in these difficult times.

Internship at Lidwala Lodge – How to Apply

If you are a citizen of Eswatini to apply for an internship at Lidwala Lodge you simply send your application letter and CV to info@lidwala.co.sz and if there are openings they will get back to you. If you are applying from abroad you need to join All Out Africa who offers a wide range of internships in Eswatini. To do so send your application letter and CV to bookings@alloutafrica.com and they will get back to you.