My Internship at Lidwala Lodge in Eswatini (Swaziland)

My internship at Lidwala Lodge in Eswatini (Swaziland) started with the application. I remember when I came to drop my application for the internship. As soon as I got inside the gate I fell in love with the place. To be honest I had never been to Lidwala Lodge or Roki Centre in Ezulwini I had only seen pictures on Vakasha Eswatini and from a few friends on Facebook. It seemed like a very interesting place. The nature around the place is out of this world. Ever heard of a ‘calming nature’ well, that’s how Lidwala Lodge feels like. I felt like I was breathing fresh air for the first time, and yes, even under the mask!

Lidwala Lodge's reception
Lidwala Lodge’s reception

Internship Application process

When called for an interview I was so happy as I immediately thought this is the right step towards the right direction, I really wanted to work in this beautiful environment. I had a feeling my interview went well and I think it is because both my interviewers were just too kind and open, but I did not want to count my chickens before they hatch, anything could have happened. I remember how Zama at the reception tried to make a conversation and we just talked about general things concerning the industry whilst waiting for the start of my interview, little did she know she was helping me calm my nerves since I was very nervous.

Lidwala Lodge Eswatini (Swaziland) swimming pool
Lidwala Lodge swimming pool

Intern Accommodation

I started the internship on a Wednesday, right after finishing my exams, I was so excited and most of all grateful. Did I mention they offered me accommodation inside the lodge?

I couldn’t ask for more, I literally wake up to breath-taking views and fresh air each and every day. I met Zama once again and she is the one training me. Since we were approaching Valentine’s that weekend, we had quite a lot of bookings. This helped me to kind of grasp the basic booking concept and also the answering of phone calls a bit faster. Zama was just too kind and was open to answering all questions I had.

Lidwala Lodge's accommodation
Lidwala Lodge’s accommodation

My Internship Work at Lidwala Lodge

On my first day of work the manager, Miss Phetsile came in. She looked very young I must say. She was very polite and kind and is a Limkokwing University Graduate so we are both ‘high flyers’, how cool? When she told me she also studied at Limkokwing I got really inspired and I said to myself ‘see it is possible, I can also do it!’ She further gave me tips around the industry and she also asked Zama to show me around all the way down to the other offices. This place is more than beautiful, every corner is just so different and is surrounded by magnificent views of nature. The rooms were also beautiful and I remember thinking to myself, “So this is actually how sleeping or booking in a lodge feels and looks like”.

Back in the office whilst sitting with Zama and Phetsile I also felt like one of them, yes! I am that fast to adjust. I felt like one of the ladies in the industry you know, everything just felt right and it hit me that this was it, I am really interning and somehow it is what I imagined myself doing at work when I was still in class. I will forever be grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Roques as they have literally given me the head start towards my career, this is my real first job in the industry.

I am learning almost everything a bit quickly because everyone around here is so kind, from the groundsmen working in the garden and yard to upper management. It has only been a few weeks but it is already great.

Internship Highlights so far

I love how in this job you are able to make someone’s day or night or even a weekend because I have noticed how guests always leave with smiles on their faces and you can tell they rested and got the peace of mind they wanted. I also love the Womenism vibe going on in the office, how we are always complimenting each other where it is due and how the manager is always encouraging us to not be afraid to share ideas and suggestions so they can have our inputs.

I have already had the pleasure to see a few ideas being planned and actually coming to life with the recent one being the newly introduced picnic packages. It was exciting to see the idea by Miss Phetsile come to life, the set-up, the menu planning, and the works, very exciting to witness.

Internship at Lidwala Lodge in Eswatini (Swaziland)
A picnic in Lidwala Lodge’s tranquil gardens

I have learned a lot so far, I am experiencing everything I was taught in class firsthand now and so much more. Is it too soon to say, I LOVE IT HERE? Because I really do!!!

Internship at Lidwala Lodge – How to Apply

If you are a citizen of Eswatini to apply for an internship at Lidwala Lodge you simply send your application letter and CV to and if there are openings they will get back to you. If you are applying from abroad you need to join All Out Africa who offers a wide range of internships in Eswatini. To do so send your application letter and CV to and they will get back to you.